blondes and brunette hair extensionsWigs and hair extensions can be made of synthetic fiber. However, human hair is highly sought after, as it looks natural and is easier to style. If your hairline is thinning out and you do not plan on getting hair transplants, you should consider investing in high quality hair extensions. Wigs work best for people with alopecia. Human hair can also be used for fashion purposes. People who are recovering from awful haircuts should consider getting human hair extensions instead of those made with synthetic fiber.

Remy human hair is sourced from donors in different countries and continents. It is valued for its resilience and flexibility. The cuticles are preserved to withstand damage and thus, it lasts longer than its synthetic counterparts. Please note that because of its quality, it is more expensive than synthetic wigs.

Steps to Blow Drying Your Hair

Start with freshly washed hair:Let hair air dry for about 5-10 min, bot your hair and never rub with a towel to get rid of excess moisture. Blow drying your hair with really wet hair will take more than 20 minutes.