Steps to Blow Drying Your Hair

Start with freshly washed hair:Let hair air dry for about 5-10 min, bot your hair and never rub with a towel to get rid of excess moisture. Blow drying your hair with really wet hair will take more than 20 minutes.

Apply product to your hair:choose a good hair styling product that will give your hair some added volume or apply a leave in conditioner. If you have thick curly hair, you will need some hair serum to keep the frizzies at bay.

Section your hair: Divide your combed hair into section and secure with clips or you can wind them into mini buns to make sure that the hairs done tangle with each other. Then leave a section of hair out to start blow drying.

Blow dry from root and work your way down to ends: Pull your fingers through your hair starting from the roots and pull hair out a few inches and hold it while you use the blow dryer to shoot hair from the crown and work your way towards the end.

Give your ends a “cool shot” of air: The last step for each section is to pull hair taut with the brush and blast it with cool air from your dryer.